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They Took Their First Steps

Jane Chuck

I am impressed with these meal replacement sachets both are made of nutritious ingredients, low sugar and high protein ( 10.4g for #GRAIN & 14.8g for #CHOCO )

It taste really good at its own for a quick breakfast and I personally don’t mind doing something extra!So lmk if you have any cold recipes I should try incorporating! Maybe a YouTube breakfast challenge?⁠


Morning quick fix. Probably the yummiest protein shake I had.


I’ve always focus on a balance diet that’s why whenever after a scrumptious meal I would prefer to have a more clean intake or a nutritious meal replacement the next day ?

A balance and healthy meal is the key of maintaining my weight and health ???

CHOCO &GRAIN meal replacement comes in two different flavours. I could have each flavour on alternate days and enjoy it by mixing with different cold recipes

S helped me reduce fat where it matters – my bottom! Time to put on my jeans from uni!
Yvonne Tan Yvonne Tan Yvonne Tan
Always super conscious of my rather large behind because of my petite frame. Taking S2 has helped me reduce the flab despite my busy lifestyle – nice!
Charlie Lai

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